Month: October 2015

There’s Rolex and there’s . . .

The sheer number of Rolex watches that come up for sale and offered on the market from Pawnbroker stocks, is staggering. Usually dumped by those same folks who bought the watch as a status symbol in the first place and one of the first items to go, when financial reality comes home to roost.

“Keep it forever” watch?

I love the fact that under that extreme anti-reflective Sapphire crystal and clear window, sits that highly unusual LCD screen with it’s a polarization-sensitive dichroic filter. This allows the LCDs to display in “inverted mode”, which in turn gives that wonderfully clear and bright “gold” text on the dark background – so good in any light

Analog value

For sheer value for money it’s difficult to see anything better in Analog AND it has great reliability and 100m Water Resistance, Luminous hands and Day and Date – says it all really.

Vector – It’s about time.

A refreshing change I’d say and smacks of a Company with a clear idea of what they want from their product, unlike some, who throw the kitchen sink at it regardless of actual practicality or battery usage concerns.