Month: December 2015

Head turner

A very modern take on the old “drivers” model idea where the wearer if driving a car for example can see the time clearly without moving the wrist on the steering wheel.

The Re-Run Nixon

Relatively simple with the basics displayed elegantly and clearly of the dark display dial, surrounded by a gold tone sleek and modern case design. The standard layout shows most of what you need to get by.

Divers Marc & Apeks

Look at the night shot and the dial clarity is something else, very good with no distractions at all. Others should take note! A good 120 click single rotation bezel with clear markings makes for a very practical watch and at 300 m Water resistance the Helium valve becomes a useful feature.

Junkers Bauhaus classic

Overall the dial is as Classic as you can get. The inclusion of the modified Citizen movement is a good choice in my opinion and from experience I know these can be remarkably accurate, though I’m told can be noisy (I’ll check), but in practical terms performs better than many.