Hippie Chic . . .

Now OK I don’t really know what that means either – but this is the Indie Watch from yes you guessed it Hippie Chic of California.  I suppose it’s a sort of fashion accessory watch geared towards those Hippie and chic young folk out there, though “hip” for me has visions of a much needed replacement variety and “chic”? – well maybe once upon a time . . . I do remember Woodstock!

Indie Watch by Hippe Chic

Indie Watch by Hippe Chic

Anyway I can certainly see the attraction of this for the young “hippie” style guy or girl and purely co-incidentally, a friend was here recently and her daughter is I’m reliably informed into Goth? – Well whatever, but she had on her wrist amongst other stuff, a neat watch strappy affair and this was it – the Hippie Chic – and I suppose she was just that!

I have to say it looked great and suited her, so this Watch Company seems to have found a market and good luck to them.
Now the watch part is pretty basic I suppose, though it does have a Seiko quartz PC21S movement and the case is 25 mm x 25 mm x 7 mm and located in amongst the split leather strap, wood/alloy/ceramic beads and metal studs.  Only has a Water Resistance to 1 ATM (supposedly 10m) , but throwing yourself into the pool probably not the best idea, but hey it’s a fashion thing, so why should it be in the pool with you anyway.  The split strap arrangement seems to be adjustable (with snap studs) from around 19 mm/22 mm, though obviously is worn loose bracelet style.

Not the first of these modern young guy/girl things I’ve seen but it looks OK and I like the fact the little watch has a centre seconds hand – and that’s a bonus as many don’t.

Another bonus is the price at around £18.00 here in the UK and that’s cheap enough to be an attractive proposition to any youngster and is also pretty good value for a little piece of Hippie Chic fashion.

Perhaps not for me of course, even though I could look out my old buckskin outfit, with the wide leather belt (with 12 harmonicas in their respective keyed holsters).

Trouble is whilst the Hippie Chic Indie might fit, the flared tight leather jeans certainly would not!

Those darned hips!   😉


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