Month: July 2015

1996 A,B and C – re-posted

one serious bit of Casio kit, well made and beautifully fitted out with the almost science fiction style sensor housings and a very neat dial set up that manages to look just right. Dimensions are good too at just 50 mm lug to lug, so fits smaller wrists, though case (with the sensors) width is larger at about 56 mm – this lies along the wrist so not really an issue.

More old directions

note the outer track is marked oddly with descending graduations from 36 (x10) to 0, which obviously is in degrees. However I’ve never seen a degrees scale running clockwise from 360 to 0

PXR-5 – Young at heart

Michael Young has relaunched the PXR-5 and I particularly like this model as whilst it cleverly espouses a fresh and modern ultra minimalist look, it manages to do so without that bland and featureless Scandinavian style, that always turns me off.

Best twin sensor?

So my picks for ABC and Twin Sensor are – the Casio SGW100B-3v Twin Sensor and the Casio PRG270B-3 ABC Triple Sensor and I think it doubtful either model will be bettered for some considerable time – if at all!