Month: May 2015

Iconic Nite a clear winner

However the Nite T100 has the advantage of an updated GTS capability with the altered light source construction feature – flattened Tritium tubes. These spread the light more evenly than the more common round tube design and do away with any surrounding reflector ideas of older design watches.

I love my “Carlo”

It looks completely different to most other dial layouts and fundamentally it’s like it is this owing to it’s intriguing technical function rather than just an odd dial

Practical “Moments”

the Vortech Alarm GMT, which is ideal as a travelers watch, owing to the neat GMT pointer that you simply set as your Home Time and then adjust the hands to your destination time – what could be easier.


I had a real fixation a while ago about “compass” watches and I got myself quite a few at the time, though after my fad wore off, I got rid of most of them, except for a couple of favorites.  But… Read More ›

Smart Vivoactive – brief look (2)

It’s the slimness that does it as it’s just 8 mm, easy on the wrist and I would suppose if you’re involved in any of the activities described, then this is the only watch you will ever need. And I thought the Tom Tom Golfer watch was the business, but this is something else! And I don’t really like “Smart” watches either – but . . . Wow!

Casio Ana/Digi affordable

There’s no question in my mind and fortunate for my wallet, that in general with Casio, I find the low to mid range priced models represent best value. I invariably find the more expensive range such as Edifice and above in comparison do not.

Smarter Pebble

I particularly like the new display – using color E Ink technology, which makes perfect sense and stretches out the battery life accordingly to something like a week instead of a day.