What happened to Morgenwerk?

Perhaps the ultimate GPS watch, but which sadly to my knowledge yet to make a proper appearance.  The German made Morgenwerk Precision Mk1 – GPS watch.

Morgnwerk Precision Mk1. GPS controlled watch

Morgnwerk Precision Mk1. GPS controlled watch

Understated full GPS function model with geographical co-ordinates, Compass, Altimeter etc. this is one VERY accurate watch.

No longer using what could well be described as old technology Radio Control, but instead feeding off a multitude of satellites, this model apparently will manage a staggering accuracy of under 1 second – per month!

Wherever you are in the world it will automatically display your Time Zone current time, day, date etc .  A travelers dream.

It’s under 14 mm depth, 44 mm diameter, Stainless Steel or Titanium cased, double anti-reflect coated Sapphire crystal, black dial with selectable discrete digital display.

Of real importance and a major breakthrough has to be the Battery life, which is specially enhanced with a reserve of up to 18 months, assisted by the use of a self correcting thermo-compensated quartz movement allowing variation adjustments and allowing amazing accuracy.

The actual GPS receiving system (between the lugs) is programmed to pick up 6 satellites and auto select the 3 with the strongest signals as the time source.  The synchronization and reception process takes anywhere from 8 to 90 seconds.

What I love is the fact that the watch is both understated and really easy to read and on wrist, seen to be just another “daily beater” albeit with great looks, but function wise does so much.  It appears to me that if the brief functional detail is true, it will out perform just about anything else on the market.

However the burning question is – where is it?

The first intimation of it was way back in 2012 and the latest information I have is that their web site is currently in the build stage.  One has to hope that once completed, the final watch details will be highlighted and models will be available for sale, especially as the price point quoted back in 2012 was from around $1100.  And that could be a real winner.

I hate to say the phrase “ultimate watch” – but it could well be – IF it hasn’t died a death along the way.  And that would be a real shame . . . as it could be my final “grail”.

BUTand here I float down to earth after being initially blown away with all this technology.  Yes it’s that old chestnut!  Battery life!  I mean let’s face it 18 month?  Come on . . . . I was hoping for 10 years MINIMUM – with all this super tech stuff – it should be 18 years!
Ah well back to reality . . . . .

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