I love my “Carlo”

I’ve never had many Italian watches in all the years of collecting, yet with the innate Italian flair for design I’ve often wondered why I didn’t own one.  It’s not as if the quality is any less good than Swiss watches as indeed many of the Italian brands either manufacture in Switzerland or use Swiss movements anyway.

Carlo Ferrara Regulator Classic

Carlo Ferrara Regulator Classic

Maybe it’s the premise, right or wrong, that Italian design and watches don’t go together as well as perhaps shoes or clothes or that their particular slant on watch design never really did it for me.

But of course and as always, these perceptions change and things move on and so it was and is with this particular model from Carlo Ferrara – the Regulator Classic.

Perhaps the whole concept of the “vertical elliptical dials” which fascinate and yet don’t detract one iota from either the readability, or indeed the clarity of the dial.  It looks completely different to most other dial layouts and fundamentally it’s like it is this owing to it’s intriguing technical function rather than just an odd dial.  The wonderful design element of this watch is in it’s technical movement set up and the use of a vertical linear drive chain.

I love it!

The Classic features a Swiss Automatic Cal.2892.2 movement and the stainless steel case measures just 39 mm which is such a sensible size, mineral glass, a magnifier Date window @6, centre seconds hand and 5 ATM Water Resistance and a very nice stainless deployment bracelet.  It’s also available in quite a few different dial layouts based on the same elliptical premise, and all of them are interesting in their our individual manner.  I know I’ve seen one like this but with a yellow dial – and it’s awesome!

So an Italian model at last for me and one that’s certainly different – and perhaps I’ll be having another look at Italian design after all . . . .

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