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Over the years I’ve been collecting watches, how I display and store them has always been a sort of mix and match conglomeration of mismatching boxes, cabinets and goodness knows what else.  Some are lovely wooden glass topped boxes for 12 or more, others are 2 tier leatherette boxes with acrylic tops, some small wooden cabinets with drawers and no display, except the top drawer and so on.

Neat storage cases for watch collection. Great space savers and can easily be moved around.

Neat storage cases for watch collection. Great space savers and can easily be moved around.

In short my stuff is all over the place and getting more disorganized every day – a bit like my life at the moment!  Perhaps it’s a reflection of my state of mind and a danger sign that I need to cool it, sort things out and get organized in every way.  I would ask my Doctor for his advice, but being a watch collector himself and I’ve been in his house – well it’s like the pot calling the kettle black! (and for those of you puzzling over that old expression – it means – The notion of a criticism a person is making of another could equally well apply to themselves or vice versa).

So what to do?

Well I’ve decided on a strategy – wow, this is new!  I have decided to replace all my boxes, cabinets, wood, leatherette, cardboard, drawers and assorted enclosures, with cases.  Yes cases and with handles – no grabbing boxes by the sides and hugging them to your chest whilst moving them around, but neat sized aluminum cases with handles and clear display tops.  I opted for one standard size – that’s one level of 12 watches capacity with cushions in compartments.

Bookcase style storage is a useful alternative.

Bookcase style storage is a useful alternative.

I bought one to check it out and satisfied I bought a pile of them.  Whilst waiting for them to arrive gave me time to assess and sort out my collection, see what I’ve actually got, decide if to keep any particular model or to move it on, tidy things up, segregate styles or types and so on.  In other words take some control of my watches and by association – my life!

These are the cases I’ve decided on.  Neat, clean and compact, with handles and locks and easily carried, clear topped for both display and any Solar models and so on.  Even the look of them calms me down – this is like therapy!  Wow I’m feeling calmer already and I might even go on a diet – boy this is good!
I’ve got myself some small stick-on silicon buffer feet which attach to the bottom corner of each case, so I can stack them without them falling off or scratching each other.
I also have foam cut outs for the interior and place these on top of the watches if moving them around (we’ve got handles remember) which prevents the watches banging against the clear top.

Most of my watch collection are normal sized and the cases compartments for the bulk of them are just fine.   In fact most of my larger diameter watches are still OK and only two or three out of the hundreds that require more space, so I simply leave a space.  However if I was besotted with collecting the modern and larger Casio G-Shocks (which I’m not) then I’d probably think again and ensure storage wider individual compartments.

And as to the old storage ideas, well some are really nice pieces of furniture and they’ll still be there for those special display occasions, when a few of my collection buddies are over.

Note – I do have a colleague in London who also uses cases, though his are larger than mine.  He stacks them vertically like books in a library (as my little image above) and he has over 60 of them! However as his cases are “leather”, they almost look like rare limited edition books and yes they are in his library (he has one of those) – well where else is he going to keep his collection of at the last count some 6 x Pateks, numerous Vacherons and IWC’s and whatever else he’s got these days.

Ah well I can only aspire . . . . (lovely word – aspire . . . .)   😉

Decided now to stack my cases as I don’t need to use the clear tops for display, unless I need to, though I have the top one at the moment stocked with my Solar models.  In the end a very neat solution to my storage problem and well pleased.
The image shows a section of my watch collection – well you didn’t think that was it did you?  Silly boy!

Vertical stacking - I think I prefer as it takes up little space.

Vertical stacking – I think I prefer as it takes up little space.



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