Update on Best value Diver

On December 17th last year I reported on the Apeks Dive Watch 200M Professional AP0406 – I was so impressed I bought it for my Christmas.  So how is it doing after 1 month?

Apeks Dive Watch 200M Professional AP0406

Apeks Dive Watch 200M Professional AP0406

I have worn this watch every day since from 3pm till 9am the next day, every day.  I alternate with the Seiko orange Monster (as it’s automatic I like to keep it going) and have to report that it is a joy to wear.

For me the size is perfect and the only alteration I’ve made is to cut about half an inch off the length of the strap, which allows the strap end to sit flat (see image).

Timekeeping wise I can’t fault it as against my Radio Controlled clock here it is only 11 seconds slow after 1 month, which is certainly good enough for me.  The watch has and is performing in my opinion as good if not better than any quartz watch I have – considering the price this has to represent extreme value for money.  There is simply nothing I don’t like about this model and usually there is always something that perhaps you find after owning for a while, is not quite as you would like.

Strap end cut short to sit flush before the rubber "waves"

Strap end cut short to sit flush before the rubber “waves”

From a technical or practical point of view, if being really picky, I might question the luminous dot on the bezel.  It sits slightly proud of the bezel and maybe should have been recessed, but OK a very picky point indeed.

But it’s almost impossible to find anything anything negative to say about my favorite Divers watch, which has exceeded all expectations.  It also makes me wonder at the prices of other Divers watches – I mean some are really quite expensive and looking at the current alternative 200m models, I simply don’t see anything out there that are any better – or even dare I say – as good.

The Apeks Diver range also includes 500m and 1000m depth rated models, though for me, unless you really need that depth rating, this Apeks Dive Watch 200M Professional AP0406 is the best buy.  Not that they’re much more expensive – we’re only talking a few £’s, so they also represent great value, but the overall design of this model in my opinion is better and if 200m is sufficient, is very difficult if not impossible to beat.

Note – On the luminous quality of this watch.  In use it is better than the Citizen BN0000-04H (December 12th 2013 review) both in terms of brightness longevity (how long it stays visible in the dark) and in the better definition of the hands/markers ratio.

Apeks low light capability is excellent.

Apeks low light capability is excellent.  Note the Luminous arrow second hand.

So there we have it.  One month with the Apeks Dive Watch 200M Professional AP0406 and definitely one of my best ever purchases.

I think I’ll have this watch for a long, long time . . . . .

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