Casio – just goes on and on . . .

So Casio – again!  And not for thr first time featured and I doubt it will be the last time either that I feature this amazing Company’s range of even more amazing watches, because there’s no question that for watch models for everyday and for you and I, they are probably unsurpassed by anyone.  In fact the Casio is virtually a household name to many of us and certainly over the past 50 years.  From that amazing Calculator you used to smuggle into school (they weren’t allowed in the good old days (1960’s & 70’s), then that snazzy Wrist Watch that had Digits and you were the first in the street that had one, to Cameras, Musical Instruments and so on – if it was to do with pushing the boundaries of miniature Electronics – then Casio was right there.  And I’m pleased to say – still is!

Casio Telememo AW80V

Casio Telememo AW80V

What prompted this Post was that I took out of my display cabinet the other day, a spotless as new pristine Casio AW80 Telememo 30 (Japan 2427 module, China case) and wore it for the first time in ages.  What struck me was that it was only about 30 seconds fast and I have not worn this for maybe 7 years or so, and never adjusted in all that time – and that to me is pretty awesome.  On checking my records I find that I changed the battery just over 13 years ago (it states 10 year battery on the dial) which is quite amazing.

And this is one of the major points about Casio watches – they simply go on and on!  And I’ve seen this same watch for sale, new, on Ebay, today at around $19 – talk about value! (  It even uses the same 2747 module, so that’s got to tell you something about quality.

But what’s new at Casio and do they even need anything new, I hear myself say – so I had a look . . . . .

Of course there are many new G Shock models around and these can command almost non Casio prices, such as the Premium 30th Anniversary model MTG-S1030BD-1AER which costs around £1000.  Featuring Radio Control, Solar and so forth, the range continues down to the more affordable G Shocks we all know and love.  But I’m more concerned with the smaller dimensioned non G Shocks which I find more interesting.  Such as this classic round dial Casio AE1000W-1A – World Time, Alarm etc. at a very affordable £20.

Casio SE1000W-1A World Timer, Alarm Watch

Casio SE1000W-1A World Timer, Alarm Watch

But this new model (to me at any rate) Casio AQ-190W-1A, World Time, Alarm etc. is so reminiscent of the wonderful Citizen Skyhawks, but amazingly affordable at around £40 is a surprise.  Featuring analogue Neobrite luminous hands etc, high contrast digital displays, a 1/1000 sec stopwatch, 5 Daily alarms, Timer, Auto Calendar and unusually a rounded glass, 100m Water Resistance and a stainless & resin case.  It’s also a neat size at 45mm x 13mm and wearable by almost anybody.

Casio AQ-190W-1A World Timer, Alarm

Casio AQ-190W-1A World Timer, Alarm

And finally in my little round up of Casio is this rather elegant MTF-117L-5AV which is a more conventional style from Casio.  It is an analogue model with no digital features with a stainless case, aluminium bezel, mineral glass Day and Date watch with a quartz movement at +/120secs per month.  The dimensions are a very neat 39.5mm x 9.9mm so is a slim model and there are 9 Gents versions and 6 Ladies versions and a nice addition to the Casio range.

Casio MTF-117L-5AV

Casio MTF-117L-5AV

A slight departure from the more classic Casio look, but a very nice watch and I particularly like the day indicator, which does not reply on the more usual pointer, but rather a red dot indicator, which is both neat and visible.  I have to admit I quite like the look of it and rather impressed they’ve managed to get away from the stereotypical Casio image – nice one!

That’s it for Casio for now, but I leave this Post with a montage image of a few of the Casio models featured or mentioned over the past few months on this site – – it’s quite a line up.

Lotsa votches - and everyone a Casio!

Lotsa votches – and everyone a Casio!

Note – if you are interested in collecting vintage Casio – then this is worth reading first –
I have around a dozen or so Casio models, bought over the years since the 1970’s – and very few of them were expensive apart from my Oceanus and so far they all seem to share a common factor – they still work!

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