Touch of Green

Not quite such a common color as red in the watch world, there are still quite a number around.  Green straps and colored resin cases or green dials and not surprisingly quite a number of khaki green military styles.  Fewer dress style models are in evidence, though these two I found are probably in that classification.

Void V03-A Green Alarm Watch

Void V03-A Green Alarm Watch

Very traditional style with interesting touches is the Void model V03 Limited Edition.  Green dial of course in an IP Gold case with date window @3 and an alarm function with pointer hand in red.  Hour and minuted hands are black with glow in the dark infills, plus a center seconds hand and the watch is a neat 38mm x 10mm.  The contrasting leather strap is color coordinated apparently with the gold/green combination look.  The quartz movement is a Japanese Miyota so should be dependable.  And I have to say I quite like the style of it and as a dress watch it should look rather smart.

Costs in the UK around £250 and about the same in Euros – this is the Void Watches site – HERE

As with my Red watch post, the second watch featured moves more up to date I suppose with this nice Rockwell, bracelet style model, Green and Silver from their Rook range.

Rockwell Stainless Green dial Swiss Quartz

Rockwell Stainless Green dial Swiss Quartz

With the stainless steel bracelet, which is what I call a “ladder” style, matching nicely with the case, this green dial watch features an anti-reflective Sapphire crystal and a Swiss quartz movement and appears as a rather sleek modern look.  With a stainless case at 38mm wide matched by a 38mm bracelet, this certainly gives it a very modern and clean look.  It is also very slim at only 9.2mm so will easily slip under a shirt cuff.  I also think the color combination of silver and green works well and I’m pleased to see the contrasting white infill hour and minute hands plus a white center seconds hand.

For me this model has an elegance which I didn’t expect on first encounter, but the more I look at it the better I like it.

HOWEVERCosts around $240 on the Rockwell web site, which is reasonable.  But on the Amazon UK site it’s quoted at just under £400 which has to be after importation.  This is far more than double! – today the exchange rate suggests the true cost should be £150 and I might have been tempted – but for me that Amazon price is just a nonsense!  NO Sale!  

I have seen it today on Ebay UK for around £147 plus £28 US/UK postage.  So plus import Vat etc. it’s probably gettable at perhaps under £250, but for a £150 watch it’s still too high in my opinion.  So again – NO Sale!

Available from USA Rockwell Watches HERE

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