Touch of Red

Recently on holiday I bumped into a guy at dinner one evening who definitely had style. The first thing I noticed was that being at dinner, he wore a dinner jacket or Tuxedo as my US pals call it.  Now this being 2013 in Europe, on a river cruise, is actually unusual in itself these days, as what ever dress code there used to be on ships, is either flaunted, ignored or not demanded.  That wonderful old elegance of “dressing” up for dinner on boats  unfortunately has long been tossed overboard!

Oclock Watch - Mickey Mouse in red. Model OCD02.

Oclock Watch – Mickey Mouse in red. Model OCD02.

But as I say, he had style, looked awesome and quite evidently drew envious looks – and why not?  However what really struck me was his choice of watch to accompany this elegant, smart and dark ensemble.
A Red Watch no less and a Mickey Mouse one at that!  And furthermore it matched the red silk bow tie perfectly!  This was STYLE!
So here I introduce the Oclock watch – model OCD02 Mickey Mouse in Red.

Made by Fullstop in Italy, it has interchangeable “pop out” faces, a choice of stretch colored silicon strap (of varying lengths), a 35mm white dial with glow in the dark hour and minute hands, so actually very practical.  I love it!

So it got me thinking – what other color watches are around, that could be worn to enhance your personality and that independent free thinking look.

Rosendahl 43108 Red Digital Gents Watch.

Rosendahl 43108 Red Digital Gents Watch.

Sticking with Red as the color of choice I’ve updated the look by coming bang up to date with this sleek Rosendahl 43108 Digital Red PU strapped super digital display watch.

This is a super slim 22mm wide by only 6mm depth digital model with time and date display, featuring a black display with white digits.  The strap is a neat Polyurethane affair with an invisible double locking stainless steel clasp.  The watch has 30m Water Resistance too.  Seeing it for the first time I personally prefer it to the newer technology Phosphor watches with their digital Ink displays.  This watch is smaller, slimmer and neater on the wrist and for me, having a smallish wrist, this suits me much better.  As to features – well let’s say that knowing the time and the date is really all I need.

Now I’m on this “color” kick got me to thinking, what other high color watches are out there, that can give the wearer that “look at me – my tie says it all” look, but in a watch.  I’ve seen quite a few and not only in Red – in fact there’s a color to suit almost any occasion . . . .

Good idea for a post or two – I’m sure.  So watch this space!

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