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I’ve been having a trawl round looking at various watches and noting the incredible range of styles and ideas that proliferate the market today.  It’s interesting to note the number of Fashion and Designer Companies that are into producing and/or marketing their unique “take”on watches and indeed how we read time.  They are also being taken much more seriously I think as the apparent quality seems to be  improving, though as I’ve found “quality” is to me a much maligned word today!  But for those who wish a more modern style to the simple old watch on the wrist, these models are certainly “something different” and shows perhaps the personality of the wearer in a bold light.

Anyway I hope to spotlight a few of the cool, odd, big or small and often downright interesting watches I’ve recently spotted and will feature them here and who knows I might even manage to buy the odd one (but not too odd I hope).

First off is the DIESEL DZ7250 in colored stainless steel with leather strap and one BIG watch it is too (far too big for me). . . .

Diesel DZ7250 XXL (and it is!)

Definitely not for the faint of heart.  Four separate watches in one apparently (including a chronograph, digital and two analog clocks) allows you to navigate multiple time zones without losing a second or so the adverts say and it IS big at 66mm x 57mm and 13mm depth.  A 27mm leather strap is also fitted and it has a Water resistance of 3ATM – so no diving I’m afraid, which is a pity – but there we are.
This an example of a Fashion house timepiece and pretty impressive it looks too, though for my smallish wrist, alas not a contender for me.  Diesel watches are certainly noticeable and without doubt Diesel design timepieces will get you noticed.  They also feature a huge array of functions, very modern materials and interesting colour schemes.

Italian design and pretty decent workmanship means Diesel have quite a following – not least owing to the range – and as shown here – yet another but quite different model –

Diesel DZ7130 Digital

Now this model for me is much more practical, being a nice 45mm x 38mm and with the very clear digital readout, and whilst it reminds me strongly of the very much more expensive Seiko Active Matrix EPD, this doesn’t feature ink technology, it is however still remarkably legible.  The Diesel design house touch is very noticeable here and it certainly looks good on the wrist.
It also for me is better looking and better value than the Ventura V Tec Kappa, the Junghams Mega 1000, or the Citizen Aibato M and a huge improvement on the older Casio W96’s you used to see everywhere (though of course these were a budget watch).  However this one at around £89.00 I would have to say is pretty good value if you’re in the market for a digital readout watch.

My last spotlight watch is another digital concept, but  not Diesel and in fact a much older and better known watch producer LIP – they had and still have some wonderfully innovative design concepts in time reading, as you can see with the following model – the wonderful iconic mechanical “jump hour” Mach 2000.  From a design concept of the 1970’s, a case & bracelet design by Roger Tallon, the jump hour display of Prince Francois de Baschmakoff, put together into an new concept by designer Prisca Briquet.

LIP iconic design Mach 2000

Here three separate discs for hours, minutes, and seconds rotate exposed on the dial and line up in the vertical viewing loop located at the foot of the dial.  Powered by a Swiss Quartz movement, surprisingly this watch is NOT big at all but has a very neat 35mm square case, although the wide stainless bracelet arrangement camouflages this very well.  To keep the sleek look the crown is neatly recessed into the case/bracelet at the 12 o clock position.

Known as the Mythic Metal Jump watch (in brown) it can be found for around $289.00 today with a bit of searching around.

So three designer watches and I can easily see me wearing two of them! – that’s not bad for a small wrist guy.  Don’t know about you, but I found this post quite intriguing (and I wrote it!) – and it looks as if I’ll be trawling around some more and might even devote a special page to “Designer Cool Watches” or similar, but it could easily start to cost me money!!! LOL

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