Omega style

Recently picked up this nice Omega Cal 1444 Quartz 6 jewel Swiss movement watch.  This is a Constellation chronograph with day and date sub-dials in a white dial with gilt zone counters model dated around 1987 in stainless steel with a solid gold bezel and sapphire crystal. It also has lume filled main hands and a center seconds sweep.

Omega Constellation Cal 1444

From the Omega International Collection which started off life in 1984, the basic premise is still around today, though the T bar is actually quite rare.  At only 35mm although a Gents watch, today it is very much a unisex item and can be worn equally by the ladies.  In fact my wife borrows it already!

Croc strapped T bar Constellation

Solid press fit back with silicon washer and 30m Water Resistance completes a neat model and is a good addition to my Omega case.

Classic 1987 with solid Gold bezel

Neat Omega Constellation 6 jewel Quartz

So what does a watch like this cost?

This one was in auction and cost under £200 which was a very, very good buy.
It is in about as good a condition as any pre-owned watch I’ve seen with virtually no scratches, a perfect sapphire crystal. Even the Omega gold sticker is still applied to the back, which is pristine with no tell tale “opening” marks that you see so often on older watches. The dial is perfect and the strap though not original is a very high quality French Crocodile leather and more importantly is a perfect match to the T bar lugs and IMO as good as the original.

The quartz movement once I opened it up was a pristine – 6 jewel, Cal 1444 M903 Swiss marked DC398.1069 which is a high quality Omega original which takes a Renata or Maxell 371 or SR920sw 1.55v silver oxide battery.

So very pleased with my purchase – but now I’ve just to pry it away from my wife!

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  1. This is indeed an excellent price. My mother bought me the basic t-strap version (date, but no dials for day of week and date) when I graduated with my Master’s in late 1980’s as her way of saying ‘thank you’ to me for mostly paying my own way through college. It cost her around $1,800 at the time and I recall seeing one in London when i was there on business the same year for UKP 1,600. I just spent $600 at the Omega Boutique in NYC to have it cleaned and the o-ring and some other part was replaced for this high fee.

    But, all I can say is: Good Catch! I am surprised the center-lug strap look didn’t catch on – it’s different and gets comments like no other watch.

    Sadly, as you note, styles have changed and the small diameter makes it look ‘dated’ so perhaps it stays in the box for another 10 years until styles cycle around.

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