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Having owned a Botta Argos for a few years I can confirm these are stylish and neat watches and ones which always draw comments when worn.  So I thought I’d check out today’s models to see what’s available.
As always there’s an ulterior motive (watch collectors illness) as I’ve developed a sort of sneaking admiration for the One Handed watch and Botta have a range of models that are really attracting me.  And one of the reasons for my interest is my fixation of “legibility” or “can I easily read the time on this thing!” – and in a perverse sort of way these One Handed watches would appear to provide a pretty neat solution – maybe.

Botta Uno 24 One Handed Watch – Black Special Edition

One of my favorites so far is this Uno 24 model – the Special Black Edition, which shows a very clear display indeed with the positioning of the 24hr clock as “the day” – in other words – the time can be seen as an entire day, at a glance.
The single hand completes just one complete rotation over 24hrs and the hand virtually replicates the position of the sun as it travels across the sky in a day – very intuitive actually when you think of it.  In fact just a quick glance at the watch indicates roughly the time of day, how the day has flown by in fact and a visual take on how long to go before nightfall – instantly.

The dark lower half of the dial surface suggests evening approaching and night to follow and a very thin vertical line shows when one day changes to the next.  As the 24hr hand passes that line at the very bottom of the dial, the date changes instantly to the new day exactly as it should.
This arrangement graphically shows the entire course of a day in analog form – pretty clever I think.  And as to clarity, the very precise scaling and numerate markers used shows the time of day with amazing accuracy, certainly within 5 minutes and with a little familiarity you can bring that down virtually to the minute.
Being Botta Design of course the watch is a very neat affair, at 40mm diameter, easy to see but with only a tiny 7.5mm depth, means that the stainless case is still only 43g.  The movement is the excellent Ronda Swiss 515.24 Quartz movement and the whole dial visible under a sapphire crystal. Water Resistance at 3 ATM and the complete assembly Made in Germany.

The price is around £250 to £350 bracket +vat in the UK and comes with bracelet or strap options.  Not bad in my opinion for a Single Handed 24hr watch.

Now of course I’m in big trouble!  I do like this watch the more I speak or write about it – I told you this might cost me money!

But there are others of course that use the more conventional dial arrangement, such as the Botta Solus (below) but for me at least just don’t have that wonderful graphical progress of your day of the Uno 24.

Botta Solus 24hr Watch

More conventional display as a 24hr watch the Solus is a Titanium cased watch, 39mm diameter and that slim profile again at 4.9mm depth.  23g weight this time courtesy of the Ti casing, a Ronda 1003 Swiss Quartz movement and plane Sapphire Crystal.

A big plus however must be the Super Luminova coated hand – something my own Botta nor the Uno have and make no mistake it is a big plus.  BUT – that superb graphical, oh so clever dial of the Uno 24 attracts me so much, that I might just fore-go the luxury of waking in the middle of the night and being able to read the time on my wrist.  I’ll just have to make use of the nice digital alarm bedside clock my wife bought me some years ago – and being honest? – I use it now anyway!

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