Affordable Cartier

When most folk mention Cartier, they think that this is a product that many really cannot afford and perhaps out of reach price-wise.
But today and certainly in the world of “pre-owned” watches, this certainly is not the case.  Take the watch shown below as an example –

“Must-de-Cartier” Quartz, Vermeil (gold on silver) dress watch.

A lovely little watch in pretty much pristine condition and hardly worn at all.

This is the round cased Vermeil version (Vermeil = gold on silver) and in this case we’re talking 20 microns of 18k gold on a solid Silver (925) case.  This one as said is pre-owned and in very very good condition and whilst you can see these pre-owned models around, the prices asked vary anywhere from around £750 up to around £1200 depending on condition.  However there are also watch auctions and at these you can often pick up a real bargain – simply look carefully at the condition and use your common sense.

Cartier Strap and signed deployment clasp

This little gem for example cost me less than £350 and is complete with the original Cartier authentic Caiman strap with a fitted signed Cartier deployment clasp – so this is a bonus.
So as said, this is the round cased Vermeil (gold on silver) cased “Must-de-Cartier” Swiss Quartz dress watch.
It has a midi sized 32mm case diameter including the Cartier blue sapphire cabochon crown and very slim at 5mm depth. White patterned dial with the classic Cartier blue steel hour and minute hands giving excellent contrast, gilt Arabic numerals on the even numbers and markers on the odds, bordered by a minute track.  The glass is a sapphire crystal and the case has central “T” lugs supporting the strap screws and strap.

At 5mm depth – a very slim neat watch

Case back details give watch data such as model reference number, watch series number, the gold micron figure, a 925 Sterling Silver mark, Vermeil and Swiss made.

Quite small I suppose these days, but it is an excellent unisex size and for me with a smallish 170mm wrist, it is perfect as a dress watch.  Equally my wife on occasion can wear it too and it looks great on her as well.

Affordable classic Cartier design.

Now OK I know it’s not the most expensive Cartier (goodness these can really set you back) – but it IS a genuine Cartier, it is a decent 20 microns of 18ct Gold plate and it IS a solid Silver case (stamped 925), it’s Swiss made and allows you at VERY reasonable cost to “join the club” – a Cartier owner!

Now that can’t be bad – can it?

It’s quite possible that once you have the taste for the classic (here it is the Cartier of course) you just might start looking for more bargain pre-owned ones – maybe that “tank” version that epitomize the Cartier style more than any other and perhaps that bit more recognizable too.

And at these prices IF you can get them – it’s also lot’s of fun!

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