Vintage watches

Vintage Longines (1949/50)

The movement is a Longines good 17-jewel Cal. 10L, which is a decent workhorse of it’s day, has been around since 1949/50 and in pretty good condition. No bad marks on it and it keeps remarkably good time with a decent Power Reserve which shows it’s class even today. BUT is this a re-dial?

D060 Windsurfer 89 vintage

Once again it’s one of those multi dial display models that always impresses and shows how clever Citizen was in producing displays that managed to show intuitively and clearly. The splitting up of display sections allows different timings to be read easily. Different time periods with countdown can be displayed, hence the “windsurfer” tag as this is useful in that sport.

Jaeger LeCoultre vintage

A great era for watches of distinction for me is the 1945 to 1955 period when some of the most wonderful dress watches appeared and here Jaeger LeCoultre certainly fits this category