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Brit design

shown here – are the Square Yellow (or Green, or Blue, or Red) braid Strap Watch series which were inspired by the accuracy and elegance of the Japanese station clock apparently.

PXR-5 – Young at heart

Michael Young has relaunched the PXR-5 and I particularly like this model as whilst it cleverly espouses a fresh and modern ultra minimalist look, it manages to do so without that bland and featureless Scandinavian style, that always turns me off.

Originals (1)

It’s different, it’s what I call “heavy” retro and styled apparently on those seventies Ford Mustangs and their plush seating interiors, aggressive and charismatic and above all – individual. It’s the MARCH LA.B AM2 for Gents – Ah La Mustang!

World Time elegance

In fact today many of the Fashion Houses are producing some excellent watches, both in quality, technical terms and in features and which often display an elegance that some of the mainstream Watch manufacturers are lacking

Budget Fashion

The thing about fashion and designer watches is that often they are accompanied by a price tag reflecting the ego aspirations of the designer. In other words, just a tad pricey!  So it’s very to note a model that not… Read More ›