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Writer, computer artist, photographer and watch collector. Packed up my Art and Art Collecting sites now owing to health and time restrictions, but still keep my hand in regarding my watch blog.
Here on my blog I can share my Collecting, comments and experiences with anyone who cares to view. I also occasionally contribute to Watch collecting forums and magazines.

  • Vintage Longines (1949/50)

    The movement is a Longines good 17-jewel Cal. 10L, which is a decent workhorse of it’s day, has been around since 1949/50 and in pretty good condition. No bad marks on it and it keeps remarkably good time with a decent Power Reserve which shows it’s class even today. BUT is this a re-dial?

  • Now you see it, now you don’t!

    So it’s nice to spot a watch for the Ladies – and the men as it happens, the only difference basically is the color set up from Calvin Klein, that appears to me to perhaps overcome the clarity issue.

  • Christofle dress watch

    One of the reasons why Designer watches in general can be excellent pre-owned purchases, is that the new designer inflated price disappears in the second hand market. And unlike previous times, today many of the designer outlets produce some very, very good watches indeed and well worth a look at Auction price.

  • GPS Golf Bushnell

    The Bushnell also has a tricky feature that I find rather useful called Tee time. You select the day and the time (within 7 days) of your next game. 7 Minutes prior to your Tee Off time, it switches itself to Golf Mode, seeks the signal, sets your course and basically as you step on to the tee, it displays the correct course and the 1st hole yardage is there ready for you.

  • Auction vintage Gruen

    I always get a real kick out of finding very old watches that are still in amazing condition, with movements working just as efficiently as they did when first manufactured.

  • Pro Trek Triple & neater

    these models are just that little bit smaller than the older ones, or certainly neater.

  • Worth waiting for . . .

    availability sometime in September 2016 and are for me a breath of fresh air in this market at the moment, which seem to comprise so many models that are perhaps short on looks. The Junghans Meister series certainly buck the trend and the latest ones featured here, very much so and as I say worth waiting for.

  • Monster!

    However dial visibility seems pretty good despite the configuration, and the use of embedded Tritium Light Tubes on the main hands and Tube markers is commendable, and whilst I’m not totally convinced by the vertical positioning of the markers (upright “candle holders” I’ve heard them called), though it’s suggested there’s more light spread across the dial.

  • One for the Ladies

    Note that the markers are coated in Lumi Bright and the elegant shaped hands are in-filled with the same luminous material, which is highly effective at night. This in itself is unusual for what is after all a Ladies dress watch, but very welcome in my opinion. There is also a center seconds hand – another feature often missed on Ladies models.

  • A closer look

    So overall this is a rather good watch and whilst it has Solar and Radio Control features, it’s also conservative yet dressy and can be worn anywhere. The sensible size also means anyone can wear this and look good.