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Writer, computer artist, photographer and watch collector. Packed up my Art and Art Collecting sites now owing to health and time restrictions, but still keep my hand in regarding my watch blog.
Here on my blog I can share my Collecting, comments and experiences with anyone who cares to view. I also occasionally contribute to Watch collecting forums and magazines.

  • Eco or Auto Diver?

    Quartz battery, Eco-Drive solar, hybrid Kinetic and so on, despite being modern technological ideas, in comparison to the old bumper mechanical “self wind” technology, actually seem somewhat lacking in practical terms. 

  • Longines vintage

    with it’s amazing fancy lugs is one of my favourites

  • My “everyday” chalk & cheese?

    But I thought just for fun, I’d have a look again at what constitutes a true everyday watch and with a bias towards the ubiquitous “recreational”  or “diver like” models, because these as mostly provide features I’d consider what an everyday watch should have, often as standard.

  • The Smart age – Huawei

    This model from Huawei, certainly more mainstream, being the World’s 3rd largest producer of Cell Phones and at under £150 was a surprise. 

  • IWC Da Vinci SL

    Specifically adjusted for IWC to an accuracy of 0/+7 seconds per day.

  • Citizen Calibre 9000 Eco-Drive

    This watch was one of a few passed on to me as the result of  a friend passing.  Sad way to get something I suppose, but he knew I was into watches, so here we are.  Quite obvious that he… Read More ›

  • My Camaro 7743

    my old Heuer Camaro 7743, a 1960’s classic if there ever was

  • Copper Bulova vintage

    This watch is by no means modern, but the movement is working as good as it was when made.  It’s mechanical, so never needs a battery, it’s easy to reset the time for Summer time and so on, the date change is also easy at the half crown position for some of the months – in short it is very easy to live with.

  • Digital delights

    Many are Japan made and although there are many, many lookalike digitals around from China, none of them have the pedigree of these or indeed the quality of the Japanese modules and displays, which in their day, were truly science fiction, and particularly in the actual design. 

  • Is it just me?

    So basically this is an overly fancy single hand watch – and I’ve had them before, bought for the novelty, but which unfortunately in practice soon wears off – and I sold them on to some other geek somewhere.