Month: July 2021

The Cartier contradiction . .

It is I suppose these models blithely fly along just under the radar in the “must have” stakes and yet, for me personally, I think out of all Cartier models, the Solo range are the ones you would be a fool to pass up, given the opportunity to own one.

FM202 Dome watch

Simple white face on which rotates blue hands. Hours, minutes and seconds Plus a Power Reserve indicator, so you know, how long it has to run – without either simply keeping it on your wrist, or winding it – your choice

Junkers – revival & update

Another feature is in the wearing.  It is one of those watches that for whatever reason, just feels right on the wrist, it is extremely comfortable and a delight to wear and certainly makes me interested in enlarging my Junkers collection

Through and through.

This watch has a proper Sapphire crystal over a superbly made and subtly dark coloured, high strength Zirconia full hollow ceramic case.  And being hollow, the entire movement working detail can be seen from either front or back, so a true skeleton.