Month: April 2017

Edox bargain

Let’s face it many Auction houses would be in severe decline if it were not for the Internet – as it draws in a huge number of potential buyers – maybe they need to recognize this and give Internet bidders a discount for taking the trouble to visit their auction and bid, rather than try to screw more cash out of us all.

Vintage Vulcain

Vulcain of course is a very old established Watch Company formed back in 1858 and still producing high quality watches today. Famous amongst other things for producing the 1st practical mechanical Alarm watch, the Cricket”

Colour Swatch

This Swiss offering however looks great – bright, colourful and OK, perhaps a little OTT but funnily enough I can think of lots of old guy eccentric clothing to go with it. I’ll look some out later . . . .

Square Blancpain?

The movement which is in superb condition is signed Blancpain 17 jewel unadjusted with the Rayville SA import mark clearly shown (KXO). I’m not sure if Blancpain even made their own movements in this period and the movement looks very similar to an Anton Schild