Niche models (2)

Known to many watch enthusiasts, though not perhaps mainstream is the Locman series of watch models from Italy.  Since 1977 this Company has produced really interesting design models not often spotted outside Italy and very rarely encountered in the UK, though that said I’ve alway checked them out every so often.  Here are two models I like – one for the Gents and one for the Ladies.

The Locman Steath Chronograph 020200 series.

The Locman Stealth Chronograph 020200 series.

First up is the Locman Stealth Chronograph (020200CBFYL1GOY) in Stainless Steel with a Titanium bezel.  Sapphire crystal with black carbon dial, center seconds layout with chronograph and a magnified Date feature @3.  Very neat at just 8 mm depth x 43 mm diameter fitted to a smart yellow rubber buckle strap, which color co-ordinated with the dial and hand markings which are luminous and yellow highlighted.  50 m Water Resistance and a 2 year Guarantee.  Note the model has Swiss quartz movement.

The Locman Ladies Tuttotondo (Frank Muller design) MOP dial.

The Locman Ladies Tuttotondo (Frank Muller design) MOP dial and Date watch.

The Ladies Locman Tuttotondo 034000 series model is a solid Stainless Steel round case model with Sapphire crystal and a neat Mother of Pearl dial, with a Frank Muller designed numerals layout, center seconds hand, Date window @3 and a really striking red color leather buckle strap.  Neat at just 5 mm depth and 38 mm diameter this is a striking and perfect size model for the modern woman.  Weighing just 60 g and with 50 m Water Resistance, 2 year Guarantee, Swiss Quartz movement.

Note the color co-ordination of strap and dial in both models, which is often a feature of Locman which gives an added attractiveness to their range.

The price of both models is around the £230 mark, so are very well priced for what are well constructed and interesting models.  They will certainly give rise to conversation and comments as they are both so different, very stylish and rather uncommon.

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