Kids and Holidays?

This is what I call a kids and holidays watch – the Cannibal Compass CG146.03 from the Condor Group.

The Cannibal CG146.03 Compass model from Condor Group

The Cannibal CG146.03 Compass model from Condor Group

Inexpensive at under £20 and looks the part, expedition style and with a strap compass built on – and it’s not so small that adults can’t use it at 37mm diameter.  Has a modified expedition style velcro fast wrap strap (with compass fitted) which is perfectly adequate and all in all it doesn’t look too bad.

This is a quartz analog model instead of the usual cheap throwaway digital and it has a date window @3, center seconds hand in red and broad green infill Hour and Minute hands with matching numerals with 24hr markings too.  Water Resistance is OK at 50m (5ATM) and with a standalone strap button compass with cardinal marks + big red North pointer.  So if you’re up the creek without the proverbial, or lost (it happens to us older guys) then you can hopefully find an approximate heading that might just save your **s . . . . . 😉

The watch case is resin with a well marked bezel (non rotational) and a hand setting crown @3.

As I say, it’s just the thing for those Safari style holidays, where you may be somewhere that’s not the most secure, so a cheap watch like this maybe just the ticket.  If it gets wet – OK, if it gets lost – OK, no sweat and hardly any loss either.  Whether the button compass will manage the entire holiday is debatable as often these guys are pretty basic made.  I’ve had various button strap compasses over the years from Suunto, Silva, The Army Store and goodness knows who else and some are just fine and others not so fine, but as these cost so little, one is about as good as the other and probably depends on that particular unit or maybe the day of the week it was assembled!

But all that aside, here you get a cheap watch, that looks the part, seems to work just fine, Asian quartz no doubt and as accurate as you need.  If it works for the duration of the holiday, you’re in profit and if not, use the other one you gave to your boy!

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