Size and sense

I’m always somewhat amused  when I see watch size being discussed on forums, or to be more accurate, when someone asks if a watch size of say 34mm or 32mm is too small for a gents watch.  The answers generally range from “anything under 42mm is for wimps!” to more macho rubbish such as “you’re not a man if you wear anything under 45mm, sport!”.

My own particular argument is simple – a slim guy maybe 5’ 6” tall doesn’t go into a Tailor and come out wearing a jacket that’s a 44″ long – does he?  And he doesn’t look too good in those 46” waistband standard 33” length trousers either – does he?  Small feet?  Well size 12’s ain’t going to do it!

Of course not.  You get what fits – simple.

18ct Rose Gold Jaeger-LeCoultre at just under 34mm looks just fine.

18ct Rose Gold Jaeger-LeCoultre at just under 34mm looks just fine.

If you have a small wrist such as my own at 170mm circumference then you get a watch that fits comfortably and doesn’t look like someone who’s just lost 50lbs in weight on the latest diet fad.  For example my old PP Calatrava is just under 36mm and no-one has yet commented that it looks like a ladies watch and my 33mm Omega mid/small Constellation doesn’t seem to bother anyone.  My old Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre and my Movado all at 33mm or 34mm look just fine – (see the JL above).

In fact it in certain circumstances it can be a distinct advantage financially, as most of the top makers make ladies versions too (the aforementioned models are all gents models, by the way) and they are every bit the same as the larger gents models, but far neater and often far more affordable!  In fact I’m rather pleased that my wrists are not Neanderthal, but a sensible size and where the smaller sized watch is just about perfect.

Some say that if you want a sports model, this is tricky – but not so as a little bit of simple searching usually finds a few around that are not too big.  There are even plenty of “Dive” watches under 40mm and even with my small wrist I can manage up to 42mm, even 43mm if the case isn’t too deep – and still not look retarded!  To make the case I show the following images here of watches that are all under 40mm diameter and none of them look silly on my wrist, in fact they are perfectly sized.  Ashampoo_Snap_2013.05.03_23h35m27s_080_ Ashampoo_Snap_2013.05.03_23h34m34s_079_ Ashampoo_Snap_2013.05.03_23h33m41s_078_ Ashampoo_Snap_2013.05.03_23h32m29s_076_ Ashampoo_Snap_2013.05.03_23h33m08s_077_You’ll note that even Rolex are included in my image list.  And if you set the bracelets and straps to fit properly, so they don’t dangle the watch from the wrist these will fit the bill just fine.   So many folks can’t or won’t get the bracelets models adjusted, which is like getting a new car with leather seats and covering them with plastic sheet, then you sell the car and some other guy gets the thrill of those lovely seats – and you didn’t.  And I kid you not then I say I’ve seen some watches that are so loose they clatter against table tops during meals to others that slide down (or up) the wrists when driving.  They also turn around uncontrollably on the wrist, so much so that when you want to see the time, you can’t . . .

It’s so simple – if you have a small wrist, wear a small wristwatch to suit and be happy.

And (doh!) if you have large wrists – then fine, get a BIGGER watch . . . . you get the picture?  But don’t knock the rest of us . . .