Bucherer Quartz

Not the most modern Bucherer but one of the older classics, albeit a quartz version which still manages to ooze the elegance and style of the true Bucherer name.

Bucherer classic gents quartz

This model features a rather interesting two tone effect, though absolutely classic Bucherer styled case with brushed stainless front facings and contrasting Gold fluted sides curving gracefully towards integral lugs.  An original bright almost black colored cabochon tops the well defined crown @3 which completes the overall look.  A white dial with Roman numerals and steel contrasting hands covered by a perfectly flat crystal make for a classic looking gents watch.  Full lined original soft leather strap with it’s wide 18mm lug fitting compliments the watch perfectly.

Watch dimensions are 24.25mm wide and 32mm lug to lug and only 5.7mm depth mean it’s a very sleek watch to wear under a shirt etc.  In fact this is without doubt a beautifully understated and elegant timepiece suitable for virtually any occasion.  The snap on back is a plain stainless steel affair with Swiss made and a movement/model number.

Wrist classic

The movement is a 6 jewel ESA ETA 978-001 with a Bucherer label – a movement used quite often in the higher end quartz watches of the day. No longer available I think though there are possibly a couple of interchangeable versions from Ronda (751) and ETA (976-002) which might suit if this original movement had a problem.

However this one is in pretty good and completely original condition apart from some battery corrosive deposits in the battery compartment.  It seems that it was in the event an excellent purchase from a local auction house and well worth the very reasonable amount paid.

As with quite a few of the watches I acquire these days, not a lot seems to be known about this model.  It is perhaps not true “high end”, though the quartz movement is a very good one and the overall look of the watch says an awful lot for it’s pedigree.  Slim, elegant, perfect proportions and a lovely little watch to wear – can’t be bad!

As this model has a movement signed Bucherer, I have to assume it’s one of their own manufacture, or assembled specifically for them as one of the most famous retailers in Switzerland.  Normally their own manufacture models are signed “Carl Bucherer” and this one simply Bucherer.  Started in 1888  by Carl-Friedrich Bucherer in Lucerne, Switzerland and are associated with their distinctive high end stores throughout the world and today they still lead the Swiss watch and jewelry retail sector.

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