“Elixir” – time from Android

You may have noticed that some recent posts have featured the ” modern” watch as opposed to the Classics or Vintage variety.  And that’s simply because looking over my collection the other day I thought it needed livening up.

This one is from Android and the model is “Elixir” – its got both style and color . . . .

Elixir AD256

A model with a little style or color or just that “something” to lift it from the mundane.  So a new watch collection box has been born and already is filling up.  I call it my “Modern” box or perhaps “Designer watches with function”, or maybe just “unusual watches” – whatever and anyway it’s fun seeing just what’s around.

This Android watch is really well constructed and very solid (134gms on my wrist) with a brushed satin finish 40mm diameter stainless steel case with a slightly recessed knurled crown with the Brand logo.  Data on the stainless steel base states 100m Water Resistance and the model No AD256.

Clear blue & big date too

This is a “big date” watch which is located @12 on the amazingly deep blue face.  The date has black numbers against a white background and is easy to read.  Broad flat silver edged hour and minute hands have an eggshell colored luminous infill and the bright yellow center seconds hand show up in excellent contrast.  The face is colored an opalescent deep blue and has an outer border colored to match the dial and marked with white numbers at two hour intervals, with dot markers in between.  Note the outer border and numerals are marked just under or actually on the crystal, not the dial face – not a problem as long as the crystal stays intact – but lose the crystal and you lose the numerals, though in this case it seems one strong crystal!
The glass in question is slightly domed and hardened mineral crystal, the watch is powered by a Japanese Quartz movement and the watch is matched to a stainless steel solid, very solid link satin finished button deployment bracelet.  As usual the bracelet is adjusted by removing links though I note the absence of a micro-adjustment on this one, which whilst not essential I’ve always found useful.

The brand Android was founded (according to their USA web site) in 1991 by Wing Liang and whilst I am unfamiliar with the name I am  impressed by the individuality, colors and the wide range available in some of the Android collections.  I also think it fair to say that once you’ve seen an Android watch it’s brand style has a certain look and is easily recognizable – it has a definite personality and one that I felt I should explore.  However that said, some work well and others less so – a personal choice obviously.

With such a range variety I took a little time before deciding but managed to pick one up for a very, very good price – perhaps from last year’s range – anyway I thought would dip my toe into the world of Android at a modest outlay just to test the waters as it were.

That these are quite futuristic looking timepieces there is absolutely no doubt and they seem to manage a combination of traditional values of watch making with modern day living.

Wing Liang is quoted as saying, ‘When I design a watch I am inspired by everything around me, from a sci-fi movie to music, from a car to a toaster”.  “The most difficult task is to create a simplistic design that differs from other brands, I believe that less can be more”.

I tend to take these attributed but marketing influenced quotes with a pinch of salt, but that last bit does say it for me.  The watches don’t just imply simplicity but are surprisingly logical in a way that’s clean and modern and without being bland – the watches have a freshness of character that I think brings something that’s both exciting and a little bit different – and just that bit out of the mainstream to be really interesting.

On this showing so far it probably won’t be my last Android – so it looks as if I’ll have to get a bigger “modern” box after all. . . .and another point is that I actually “like” wearing it – and that says it all for me. . .

Update – April 2013

Well as with all of my modern collection, I review how they have worn (on the wrist) every year.  I had toyed with the idea of selling this one on as I had not worn it too often.  However Last week I took it out for a spin and have to admit – I love it!  It is SUCH a nice watch to wear and it looks really stunning – vindicating my initial purchase after all.  So no ideas this year at any rate of moving this sweet model on . . . .In fact I’m wearing it tonight!


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