The “Paradox” concept

What is the Paradox concept?
Well firstly you have to understand the word – Paradox.
According to the definition – it’s something that exhibits inexplicable or contradictory aspects –

Enter the Paradox PX.3001/L1

Paradox PX.3001/L1 Swiss Ronda 1062

A highly individual and stylistic Swiss Made watch which just oozes class.  Styled by the vision of the founder of Paradox Watch Company, Francois Boegli, who being fascinated by the new architectural style of glass and steel rails emulating the great sheets of glass and steel buildings of the modern city today.
The Paradox Model PX.3001/L1 features the basic elements of his design – heavy sheets of glass held in place in this case with IPG steel plates which sandwich a rectangular steel case within which resides a Swiss Quartz Ronda 1062 movement.  The sheer thickness of glass can be seen from the spectacular side view which gives the watch an amazing look of solidity.  In the image below you can see the two sheets of glass, the case body between and the steel holding plates at either end – quite a fascinating piece.

Glass & steel architectural concept

The wide black 24mm full leather strap with it’s 2 button monogrammed deployment butterfly buckle  is fitted close to the body with black screws and perfectly match the watch concept.

The dial is a neat combination of black patterns, the vertical ones at each side breaking up the dullness by clever use of any light striking the face.  The hands are silver but with luminous infills which are actually very effective and the hours represented by the 12 and the 6 plus index lines applied in silver/chrome.  I found the very thick  plate mineral crystal to be surprisingly non reflective considering the silvering.  Only the “Paradox” logo is on the dial face plus a small “Swiss Made” at the foot.

The case dimensions including the ends of the strap just as it curves away from the case is a 45mm and the width without the small crown is just 25mm and a perfect size even for small wrists.  The overall depth is just 9mm and very neatly done when you consider the glass sheets on the face and the bottom each measure around 2.5mm thickness.  So the movement case body is only 4mm thick – hence the Ronda Slimtech movement.  The case sides are highly polished black and the base shows the inscription Paradox and Swiss Made – Patented, shining through the thick glass base plate.  Minimalist and precise in it’s look – this is one very smart watch.

Note – There are a few watches around with visible screw heads as a sort of fashion thing – please note these are not.  The screws on this model are very much part of the watch assembly – just make sure they are tight! They are very easy to lose.

The Ronda Slimtech 1062 movement has a battery life (theoretical) of around 6 years (No.321) and has a specified accuracy of -10/+20 secs per month which is pretty good.  Water resistance is 30m and it carries a 2yr International Guarantee.  Included in the purchase is a very solid polished black and heavy perspex square case that almost looks like a modern office block – wonderful!

Finally – I was lucky enough to get this superb quality watch for a great price – Now that’s what I call another “Paradox”.

Note In fact I lost two of the screws on this very watch – I contacted the manufacturer Montres Boegli SA in Geneve directly by email and they sent me replacements by post at no charge – I cannot praise them enough – this is service of the highest standard.

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