Dugena gold

New but old Dugena

A gold plated Dugena hand wound Swiss Made model with an unusual “sunburst” heavily textured dial with Louis XV hour and minute hands.
Shown here with a Hadley USA 12K Gold Filled expanding bracelet with an alternative (last image) open ended calf leather strap..

Dugena vintage gold

Very unusual too are the numeral markings with black infills and signed Swiss Made.  All contained in a 20 micron (Geneva) stamped two tone textured gold case, which is a better gold thickness than many watches today.
The bezel holding the glass is satin finished and the rest high polished giving a different tone effect.  The back is stainless steel and also marked Swiss Made.
The case also has very small sculpted lugs which has and requires curved spring pins.

Sunburst dial & "grandfather" hands

Unable to get an image of the movement at the moment as the case back is very well fitted and my old Bergeon won’t shift it (I assume it screws there being no slots or apertures visible to suggest press back).

Above shows the Hadley bracelet which I fitted to see how it looked ( and it looks pretty awesome to me!) and the last image shows it with a classic Condor calf leather strap (open ended this one as it had to be very thin at the end to fit the tiny space left around the curved spring bar).
Virtually NOS condition and I have to say it is really perfect.  It is also a very neat watch to wear at 34mm dia and 7.5mm depth.
Timekeeping is really good at just seconds per day which is a nice surprise – so I’ll really have to see that movement sometime

I seem to be building a collection of Dugena watches and this is my oldest one to date.

This 1950/60’s model is signed as Swiss Made which is interesting to me as  in 1927 (founded 1917) they relocated their manufacturing facilities from Switzerland to Germany.  The name is in fact an acronym of (Deutsche Uhrenmacher-Genossenschaft Alpina) or German Watchmaker Association Alpina.  Also the Dugena brand when it started life was a actually branch of the Swiss Alpina Watch company, though it became a separate brand later.
In 1948 they relocated again because they were in the east side of the Berlin wall and set up in west Germany at Darmstadt.

So confusing to say the least – but one thing is not confusing or even uncertain – they are fine watches.

Check out  “Watch of the Week” above – you’ll be in a whirl!

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