“Keep it forever” watch?

I love the fact that under that extreme anti-reflective Sapphire crystal and clear window, sits that highly unusual LCD screen with it’s a polarization-sensitive dichroic filter. This allows the LCDs to display in “inverted mode”, which in turn gives that wonderfully clear and bright “gold” text on the dark background – so good in any light


I had a real fixation a while ago about “compass” watches and I got myself quite a few at the time, though after my fad wore off, I got rid of most of them, except for a couple of favorites.  But… Read More ›

Way to go . . .

OK some are easier to use than others and I already have one that is super simple and absolutely meets my requirements, and some of the newer offerings I would advise you to carry an instruction booklet with you at all times – and that’s no good at all.

All change

sometimes after a change from an original strap to one of your own choosing with perhaps different metal or color or style, whatever, you realize that for you the original was never a good idea in the first place.

Upright from Lanco

In twenty years these could be the true vintage models and my present vintage collection will be antique, or certainly more specialist perhaps and maybe, just maybe, dare I say – rather dull . . . .

Sky Hawk – upgrade?

So unfortunately the outside to inside bezel change just doesn’t do it for me – and is it me or has the new version suddenly become a little lumpier exterior wise? Prefer my old one thank you very much!

Chips with everything?

I particularly like the comment made by Breitling with this slightly barbed reference: “For Breitling, there was no question of turning a watch into an extension dependent on a phone and less high-performance than the latter,” it noted.

An Apple a day?

Hello! My old Casio can do that for 10 years without a battery change and my oldest mechanical Automatic can manage it for – ever? Well as near as. So the Apple Watch Time for 72 hours just seems silly.

Case study

Well I’ve decided on a strategy – wow, this is new! I have decided to replace all my boxes, cabinets, wood, leatherette, cardboard, drawers and assorted enclosures, with cases. Yes cases and with handles

Traveling 2015

For time changing it’s the best there is – To change to a Destination Time Zone, simply pull out the Crown, turn to another City Time Zone. The seconds hand instantly indicates that City on the dial index, push in the Crown and the analogue hands move around to the new time. It could not be easier.