Funny how two entirely different interpretations can be arrived at when faced with one single remit or requirement.  In this case the remit is for a watch with an illuminator or to be more precise, a torch feature.  Not just a dial light but a light that can be used like a torch – quite a practical idea actually and probably more useful than many of the features that modern watches sometimes end up with.

Well – there’s no question here – this is a Watch with a Torch  – and about as basic as you’ll get.StanleyTorchWatchThe torch obviously at the top which and the watch, timer etc on the lower segment is – well – amazing!  I have to confess that the first time I saw this I laughed, then realized it did have a strap and was supposed to be worn on the wrist and was in fact, a serious item . . . but pretty obviously not from a watch maker, but a tool maker and I have to admit it does exactly what it’s supposed to do – a watch and a torch!  What could be simpler?

So how was the requirement met by a watch manufacturer, indeed a Swiss one at that?  Well I have to admit that this particular manufacturer came up trumps with this wonderful creation – AND thought about it seriously.  This is the Victorinox Swiss Army 241569 Night Vision Gents Watch and is something rather special.

Victorinox Swiss Army 241569 Night Vision Gents Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army 241569 Night Vision Gents Watch

Superb looking watch and as the toolmakers effort above, it too has a torch at the top, on the case @12, pointing along the bracelet and so neatly crafted it is barely noticeable at all.  The torch light is activated by pressing the button @8:30 position on the left side of the case.  The number or presses dictates the function – either the dial light (a wonderful blue neon) or the torch or even a strobe for emergency use.

Night vision by Victorinox

Night vision by Victorinox

As you can see in the above image, the light produced is really quite substantial and very practical in lighting up a dark space – handy for that front door lock after a night out on the town.  And you don’t have to worry too much about the battery life as this watch has two batteries – one for the lights and one for the Swiss Quartz Ronda 705 movement.  The watch has triple coated anti-reflection on the sapphire crystal and full luminous hands and markers, plus, and I think perhaps this is overkill, as it also has a superb dial lighting system.  Put it this way – you will definitely be able to read this watch in the dark!

Dial vision by Victorinox

Dial vision by Victorinox

There are a few other bits and pieces on this model, but suffice to say it does show as my title suggests that there’s more than one way to interpret the remit of “What about a watch with a torch on it” requirement.

Now they both manage to meet the requirement very well and obviously there is a price differential here and ultimately you decide for yourself which is for you – but one thing is certain – you have a choice!  I know which one is for me, but being a watch guy it’s pretty obvious and I love gadgets anyway.  So the “Stanley” whilst it might be OK for my toolbox, I just can’t see me wearing it on my night out – so Victorinox it has to be.

Note – The Victorinox Night Vision model first appeared in 2003 and was re-vamped with the model shown here in 2012 and is still current and available.

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