Titan – India’s time?

Came across this the other day – liked the look of it and it’s now in my “other watches” display box in my collection.  A watch company that perhaps many here in the UK are not aware of but in India they are the largest watch manufacturer with over 7 million units sold every year! Exports to over 40 countries and the 6th largest watch producer in the world.

Quality time from India

Many of their range are Quartz models often with Citizen or other movements but they also produce their own in-house movements and mechanical models too.

This model first introduced in 1998 is called the “FasTrack” and features a French Quartz movement which surprised me and it also surprised me with the overall quality of build.

As can be seen this is a nice sized watch at 36mm diameter and just 7mm depth it sits neatly on the wrist.  Nice contrasting white hour, minute and centre seconds hand (with that super red tip) read easily against the black and dark gray face.

Date window @4

A red edged circular date window @4 with black numbers against a white background is large enough to be seen easily.  Odd sort of minute and second chapter numerals with the outer ring showing 5, 10 to 60 @12 and the inner ring showing 10, 20 to 120 @12 seems a bit odd, but doesn’t detract from telling the time, so is of little consequence.

The case is a nice dark finish stainless steel, good knurled definition crown and stainless solid back look good.  The watch also features a 50m Water Resistance indicated on the case back.

All in all a very clear watch to read which is always a bonus in a watch as neatly proportioned as this one.

The strap is a reasonably good black stitched leather one and for my smallish 170mm wrist is just about the perfect length, though may be a little short for some larger folk.  It is 8 inches long and wide enough for comfort at 18mm width.

Solid performer, solid crown

This model came from “overstock.com” and comes with a 1 year Dealer Limited Warranty, though the Titan Guarantee is in the box and is 2 years so it looks as if they stand by their product which gives you confidence in their quality expectations.

Price-wise this watch is very affordable  and you get a decent quality – albeit perhaps not a “current” range Titan model but nevertheless a good buy in my opinion.

Note the lighting on the image opposite is a little brown looking – whilst the dial is sort of two tone it is really much darker than shown. The image above is nearer the colour.

Drawbacks?  well there’s usually something – isn’t there?

In this case it is the annoying lack of luminousity – these lovely and clearly defined white hands and NO LUME!!!

This is a real shame as had it good luminous hands this watch would have been 5 star but the lack of it drops it to a 4 star – sad but true.

Perhaps a name to be considered when you’re looking for that new timepiece – IF the price is right.  I say this as I’ve noticed that some of the current quartz models, certainly here in the UK are priced maybe just a bit on the high side (see the Indian prices!).

Talking of other models though – I think they have got a real winner in their “thinnest watch in the world” model, the “EDGE” – for what it is – it has to be good value even here in the UK.  I mean the movement is only something like 1.5mm depth, which is amazing.

This “FasTrack” though is a nice, neat and well made product and if the “Edge” is as good or even better than this one – then it’s a winner – all the way.


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8 replies

  1. I’am much impressed with this model, and i decided to buy this ,is this model presently available, if yes give me the details of it that where can it can be available,i hunt for it.
    Thank You

    • Hi,
      Got my Titan at overstock.com I seem to remember, but they have ever fast changing stock so maybe not available now. Worth a check however. The model is known as the Titan FasTrack and my one has the model number 655NAA on the back if that helps. Maybe use “Titan FasTrack” a Google search might be the best way to track it down.
      Best of luck…….

  2. Hi

    Thanks to your review, I purchased the last one from overstock.com. You are right – a wonderful watch for the price.

    Thanks for showing it to me.

    Best regards

    Brisbane, Australis

  3. I am looking to buy this watch. Pleasetell me the model name and number. Also request you to tell me the pricing for the watch. And as I am staying in Kolkata, were in kolkata can i get it? One thing for sure this watch is really cool and beautiful.

    • The model is the Titan “FasTrack” model 655NAA. I can only suggest you type “Titan FasTrack 655NAA” into Google search. Had a quick search myself but only found alternative models, so it may not be available now. . . Best of luck finding one.

      • Thank you for your response. Actually I am in love with this watch and I am eagerly searching for this watch in India. Is it possible if you can tell me any online website to purchase this watch. I am a fan titan fastrack and this watch is just amazing and a woww.

      • Just one more thing, if you can tell me the proce of this watch.

      • The price I paid is listed in my post. It was old stock from Overstock.com at £35.00. As said previously I am now unable to find it now on the web, so I assume no longer available.

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