A bracelet, Junkers and Nato

Isn’t it funny how some watches lend themselves to bracelets and others to straps and often you are never sure which is best until you come to own them.

Never more true than one of my favourite watches – the Junkers G38 Titanium Alarm model (6296M-5) – This is a superb looking chronograph with an excellent 4 jewel Swiss ETA G10.791 Quartz movement (which in the case of this particular model is exceptionally accurate) – (for information – this watch takes the Renata 394 battery).
Alarm function, date window, very good luminescent hands and markers and a nice flat clear mineral crystal – all in a solid Titanium case, 42mm diameter and 11mm depth and with in this instance when I bought it – a solid link Titanium matching bracelet.

Ti Junkers & matching solid link bracelet

Now whilst it is a great looking watch and it was sold with either a leather strap OR a Titanium bracelet. I thought value for money the bracelet won hands down.

BUT – actually there was another option, not offered but which in fact put the whole combo into a different league – and that was the Nato strap.

Junkers in full Nato

Wow!  Absolutely looks the business!  And in my opinion what a transformation.  From a rather smart chronograph to a military fighting machine!

The choice of colour here for the super Nato strap was picked to compliment the wonderful grey dial of this Junkers, so much more classy than the ubiquitous black faced divers, chronos and the like.  This has that “something” to set it apart from the crowd and I just love it.

Junkers in Nat

Here I decided to use my little new Lumix T7 compact camera – hand held and it shows up pretty well the quality of this watch.  I liked it so much I decided to take another picture ………….

Junkers & Nato showing Alarm set button

Pleased with this one as it does show that contrary to common opinion a Titanium cased watch (in this case solid Ti) and without any protective coatings and suchlike – doesn’t have to scratch and look as if its’ been chucked in a drawer full of nails for a year, and it can look as good as it was the day I bought it a couple of years ago.

I wear it quite often too – in fact for the last 2 weeks it’s been my daily beater with the Nato strap fitted and it does get a few looks too, from all sorts of folks.

But just like a car, certain models suit a certain colour.  The very same with watches – some like leather, some like bracelets – but this baby LOVES NATO – and so do I.

Just on the subject of scratches and so on.  It never fails to amaze me how many watches I see second hand, pre-owned, whatever, that are in terrible scratched condition.  Cases almost wrecked, the crystals a maze of scratches so bad they’re opaque sometimes and all too often there’s even a hand missing – missing! I ask you!

I do have to wonder just what these owners DO with their watches and their wrists for that matter!  Makes me wonder too what their car or their house is like – LOL.

NOTE – ETA G10.791 Movement instructions –

ETA G10.791 instructions




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  1. Very Nice!!!
    Where did you get that Nato strap and what color/model is it? I must have my own!

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