Traser Big Date Alarm Watch

As I said on the last post here is an introduction to the Traser Big Date Alarm Watch.

First thing to say it that it is a beautifully made watch, solid and perfectly formed stainless steel casing and bracelet make a very nicely finished combination.


Traser Big Date Alarm (Tritium) Watch


Fits a small wrist and the date is CLEAR to read

And whilst it looks big and solid it is actually very neat at only 40mm case diameter and around 12.5mm depth and sits very well on even a small wrist.
The Traser H3 Classic Alarm Big Date Steel Watch to give it it’s full title features a big date window, steel case and bezel, sapphire crystal, scratch resistant, alarm function plus unusually an illuminated small second hand with one of the 15 Traser tritium lights.
The big date is superb, making it very easy to see through the hard flat sapphire crystal and in contrast to the black face – as you see in the pic.


Solid stainless case & bracelet with double O ring crown

Powered by the very dependable Ronda 4120B 7j quartz battery movement it is safeguarded by a good water resistance of 100m and a push in crown with a double O ring seal.

Of course one of it’s absolutely best features is the luninous hands and numerals, which on this watch is produced in no small measure by the Tritium light source.  It is quite simply amazing and for those unfamiliar with Tritium I should explain.

The Tritium light source requires no light power source unlike conventional luminous paints etc. and are guaranteed for 10 years.  They’re sealed in tiny glass tubes under high pressure, resistant to water, oil or corrosive materials.  You can see the little tubes neatly tucked away at each of the numerals in the little indents and also see the tiny tubes on the hands.
Whilst Tritium is a radio active compound – in this form it is entirely safe.  The low energy electrons of tritium cannot escape the glass body of the mb-microtec trigalight (tradename).
Even in the unlikely event of a rupture of one of the tubes and where Tritium gas would escape it would quickly disburse.  A typical Traser® H3 watch contains anywhere from 15 to 20 mb-microtec trigalight for a total of no more than 25 millicuries.
In one year the wearer of the Traser might assume an exposure of 0.1 micro sievert, which is about equal to the increase the human body would absorb due to cosmic or random radiation by living approximately 12 inches above sea level!……..Like NOTHING!
So the luminance is nothing short of spectacular and a I love the comments I get especially on holiday (I used to wear it on these action holidays) when at dusk or at night it really stands out – makes their “G” Shocks look dim!

So all in all a VERY good watch and one of the best made watches I’ve come across.  I”ve not mentioned the Alarm function, suffice to say it does what it says it does.

I’ve had this one for well over a year now and it is just perfect, good timekeeper and looks as good as it did when I bought it. And by the way it also features a quick set date and quick set alarm.

All plus points and no negatives at all – even the price as it is not expensive.  In fact you’ll have to look a long, long way to find a better made solid Tritium, easy to read watch than this – which is why I will not be trading this one – it’s for keeps.

* Latest update – Revised the movement for this watch as it required a battery recently – it is not as stated a 5040B but is a Ronda 4120B and the battery is a Renata 395 or equivalent.

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