Made in England (update)

LATEST>>>>>LATEST>>>>>>LATEST_______________________________________Well it had to happen!       Didn’t it?

After about 2 weeks my lovely new watch developed a problem – suddenly! As I was winding it at 9am as I do every morning – the crown, winder and spindle assembly fell out of the watch and into my hand!

J&T Windmills Threadneedle manual wind

J&T Windmills Threadneedle Sterling Silver manual wind

I was to put it mildly – mortified!
Immediately contacted the Dealer and arranged to send the watch back to them so they in turn could return it to J&T Windmills.
Then after about 6 weeks of what I have to say was pretty poor Dealer communication I was sent not the repaired watch but a brand new replacement watch.

Just one of those things?   Made-in-England ?……or maybe more accurately – a Monday morning poorly assembled watch “perhaps” in England – I really don’t know, but it has certainly shaken my confidence in this particular “Made in England” watch.
And time will tell if this new replacment model (an earlier one according to it’s number) is going to be as it is supposed to be.

So far so good and it DOES feel better on winding than the first one which was in retrospect a little rough – so perhaps this one will last.  It’s certainly much smoother and as reasonably accurate and I do like wearing it.

The J&T Windmills fortunately does have a 2 year Guarantee though I certainly hope not to have to use it yet again.

You may have noted that my next purchase was a German manufactured Swiss movment Quartz model, the Bruno Söhnle….I wonder if this was maybe a subliminal purchase  – because out of all my quartz movement watches over the years I have NEVER had a faulty one –

But as for the mechanicals – well every so often……

Apart from my vintage Patek Philippe of course – which just goes on and on…………….Oh Yes!!

Mind you when it was made there were NO imported parts – it was all Swiss……And you know – it shows!

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4 replies

  1. How is this watch doing now?

    • Hi David,

      The replacement watch has been going perfectly from the day I got it I’m glad to say. So it seems I was just unlucky with the first one.
      It winds smoothly as does adjusting the hands and it keeps remarkably good time and I wear it quite often – always a good sign as a collector.

  2. Hope it all goes well for you. I note on their website that the current date versions have the date window relocated to the more conventional @3 position. Gives an improved view of the double digit date as opposed to the narrower date window @6 on mine. Nice to see they are evolving.

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