Slimline Botta Argos

The Botta International Award winning design – the Argos Quartz Titanium watch is one of my favorites. A German Manufactured Klaus Botta design with a gold plated Swiss Ronda movement.

Botta Argos Titanium

Botta Argos Titanium

With a slightly darker than usual ultra light weight slim Titanium case and matching bracelet, allied to the RONDA Slimtech 1005 Swiss movement, this is a seriously smart high end Quartz model.

It’s a good 39mm in diameter but with a height of only 5.9mm is one very neat watch. It weighs just 55g and must be one of the lightest bracelet watches around. The strapped version only weighs an amazing 28g! – you simply don’t realize you’re wearing it!
Clean black & white contrasting features of the modern slightly minimalist dial face makes it outstandingly easy to read. The crystal is Sapphire and pretty much scratch resistant and also being a flat plane is virtually reflection free.
The black center seconds hand is sized carefully to suit the numerals and minute graduations, thus making it not only easy to see, but a very precise read.
The same principle is used on their Single Hand “Uno” and “Solus” models to very good effect.

Dial detail

Dial detail

The case and bracelet fit very neatly together, the bracelet being easily adjustable with the usual pin set up and has a push button closure.
Water Resistance is 30m or 3 ATM.

So are there any negatives regarding this super little watch?

Well yes, I have three issues – firstly the crown. It is very small and crucially – it’s smooth! It is not knurled or figured in any way and as a result is extremely difficult to operate – Maybe acceptable if the watch did not have a date change, but this one does!
I’ve found the only way is to wear a pair of surgical gloves and even then it’s difficult.
I now keep a pair handy in my watch box and must admit that they’re actually quite a useful item to have. They give that little bit extra grip which is so useful when dealing with small screws or bracelet pin spring collars etc. And secondly the bracelet whilst smooth and comfortable does not have a micro adjustment (usually on the clasp) so in other words it is dependent on link removal only for fit – an omission in my opinion. And thirdly the hands and dial markers are not luminous, so for night outside use, forget it. (I note by the way that the more modern Botta models do have lume now – pity they missed out in these early days)

But all things being equal the Botta is one of those true “design” watches that simply shouts quality and is equally at home during the day or as a sophisticated dress watch for evening wear. Incidentally with this ultra slim configuration it suits ladies or gents equally.

On the wrist

On the wrist

I’ve had this watch for over a year now and it still looks as it did that first day I opened the box. Like many a watch collection, watch models are on display in glass topped watch boxes and cabinets. Every so often it’s “wear time”, when you select a watch for that day or evening and I have to say it gets quite a bit of wrist time!

And almost every time I do it’s fair to say that it’s a watch that often draws comment wherever I go.

I’m quietly rather pleased at that. So Barman? – I’ll have another Gin to go with my slimline, if you please!!

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  1. Hi, I have the Botta Tres which appears to have the same stainless steel strap as yours. How is yours holding up as I have had mine for only a day and the strap has marks/scratches on it already where I lay my wrist down when typing? Also, have you showered with yours? Thanks

    • Hi Rick,
      The Botta Argos model has both case and bracelet in Titanium and whilst it is said to scratch more easily than stainless, mine has no scratches or marks on it at all. (I also have a Breitling Titanium bracelet watch which is over 12 years old and only now has the odd and barely discernible mark). So my experience with Ti is and has been really very good.
      I have not showered with the Botta, though the Breitling has been showered, bathed, swum in and goodness knows what else in it’s life and bears no ill effects as it is my daily beater basically since bought.
      I am very surprised that a Botta or indeed any quality stainless steel bracelet scratches that easily. I note that the “stainless” description is not used on Botta Tres web information – simply describing the bracelet at “white” metal? Perhaps it is carbon steel as opposed to the higher chrome content of stainless steel, so perhaps the scratch properties are different?
      Outwith my field however, but your experience quite annoying I would have thought.

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