Aeromatic 1912

A new watch this month from German “maker” Aeromatic 1912 – a military style automatic with 1942-2 modified Japanese or maybe a Chinese automatic movement with 22 jewels (40 h Power-Reserve).


Aeromatic model A1322

Comes in a nice silver tin with both the Tauchmeister 1937 name and Aerospace 1912 on the lid.  Obviously German owned but assembled Asian watch designs I would say.  However notwithstanding – a good looking watch it is too and not as big as some of these “sextant” style watches go.  This one is an all stainless steel satin finished case at 40mm diameter, 12mm height plus a solid 7mm sharply defined “onion” crown. A central second hand and a date window @3 and unusually a fully luminous dial and hands (the dial glows a greenish color and the hands somewhat brighter and almost white). ……see image….


All luminous dial & hands

Very clear and pretty much non reflective mineral glass, 5atm water resistance and a really heavy duty high quality leather strap make up the rest of the specification. The back of the watch has a glass insert in the screwed base where the movement can be clearly seen.  The luminous image shown here by the way was unlike many you see where the photographer has put the watch under a bright light prior to taking the image.  Here it was simply moved from one not terribly well lit room into a dark hall, on my wrist, and taken hand held.  Pretty good really. The dial numerals on this model suit me better than the more accurately copied ww11 sextant style watches in that the inner numbers are shown 1 – 12 the right way round.  The sextant models tend to have this done as in a mirror – which is OK for a sextant and mirror, but not a lot of good for me.  I actually like this set up as I use the inner ring for the hours and the outer one for quickly timing things just at a glance.  Really quite a nice arrangement.  One of the other models also has 24hr time marker numerals which is even better.  All bases covered as it were.


Screwed back with glass insert

This image shows the back arrangement and the movement is clearly seen with it’s quite plain rotor winding system.  Note the 6 tool locators for easy removal – unlike so many I’ve seen.  One of the things I like about this watch is the fact that it is nice and clean looking – simple – and without any extra bits and bobs that are mostly superfluous anyway.  Here what you see is what you get. It’s also very comfortable to wear – an important point believe me.  It’s amazing how many of these more substantial watches can have sharp bracelets, lugs that dig into you – and not forgetting that crown – but this one you don’t even feel!


Easy wearing even on small wrists as here

As you see above it is a nice clear watch and “wears small” as they say – my wrists are 170mm so on the smaller side and this watch does not look big at all.  So all in all a nice item, complete with a 24 month Guarantee, a Dealer certificate and not forgetting that “tin” box (it’s rather a good one as it happens!).  So all in all I’m very pleased with it and a nice addition to my collection. Any down sides?  Well so far none at all – it keeps remarkably good time and it’s easily 40hrs+ power reserve means that you only need to wear it around 6 – 8 hours a day (many folks like to take the watch off at night) and it’ll hold that max power in reserve. So what next? – At the end of the month (that’s the plan but it’s been delayed) I hope to have my new true German Big Date watch.  I’ll post it up as soon as it arrives.