The Art of Time (27th May 2015)

May 27th 2015

The art of the GyroTourbillon – from Jaeger LeCoultre


March 24th 2014

Sometimes you have to wonder why you have to pay the often very substantial amounts of money for certain watches.  This video from Jaeger LeCoultre for me, pretty much sums up the reasons – it’s about the ability to visualize and ultimately create true masterpieces of their time.  And the price is going to be what it is . . . . .

Worth more than a glance then.


February 11th 2014

Hybris Mechanica 11 – Master Ultra Thin Repeater Flying Tourbillon.


December 2013

More an instructional video here – using a pocket watch to illustrate how a watch works, the 5 basic elements.


September 2013

Of course Patek Philippe would be hard to leave out as one of the most famous of all watchmakers.  Their video on the production of a watch is actually quite fascinating.  Done as a sort of walk through as the worker arrives at the factory, meetings, first stages of the production process and right through to the finished article – I found it intriguing.  Not high definition unfortunately but nevertheless a good video.


August 2013

The first of what I hope will be many more – videos of watch related items I find of interest.  First off is my all time favorite, the Bird repeater from Jaquet Droz, Master Watchmaker extraordinaire!

They don’t come any better than this!

How to follow this?  It’ll be difficult . . . . . . . . but you never know . . . . .



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