Zenith Serial Numbers –

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    • I assume you are referring to a vintage Zenith model. If the 1st number is engraved on the movement (1991508) – this dates it to around 1915. The case or housing number is not required for dating purposes.

  1. Thank you for your information.

    Clock is my grandfathers heritage to me. He was born in 1900. Information gives me knowledge of my family. It tells a story.

    My WordPress name is nampamarko. I tell the story there.

    Marko Nampajärvi

  2. -hi, I would love to have some information about a vintage gold zenith pocket watch serial number 2970172. Like the model or even the year of piece

    • Looking at the Zenith serial numbers table it appears to be around 1913/14. A picture is always useful as we can determine model style from it too.
      Hope this helps.

    • Zenith serials appear to run from 3600000 in 1946 through to 3700000 at end 1948 – so I would assume late 1947 early 1948, depending on production runs.
      Model numbers can also give an approximate date.

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