Art views (17th December 2020)


Some computer Art work I’ve been toying with for some time, quite separate from my watch interest has collectively landed here.  Simply as with the Covid situation, being stuck in relative self-inflicted seclusion, being one of the “vulnerable” age group, I decided to resurrect an old interest of mine which in the past was true painting, but today computer painting or manipulation using software is a neat alternative.  And as I like to have the results showing a more conventional Art painting, these will be as Sketches, oil, or watercolour style – maybe as I’m a bit of a traditionalist at heart.

Old City Hall – Bamberg

Anyway, I’ll post some as I go along, mostly places and scenes of places I’ve visited over the years, which actually is a nice way of remembering them as opposed to simple photographs. And OK, if you stumble across this page, then take it as you find it, though basically it’s therapy for me and I like doing it – so there.  If you like them, I don’t mind the odd comment or two.

The first picture is of the old City Hall in Bamberg, Germany, which is a fascinating building, which sits like a stranded ship in the middle of the river Regnitz.  Built on an artificial island way back in 1462 and sited there as according to records apparently, because the local Bishop refused to give any land to the townsfolk. So being as stubborn as he, they built an island and sited it there.

It’s actually a famous landmark now and the first thing you notice are the amazing highly detailed frescos adorning the exterior walls.  Inside there is a wonderful collection of precious porcelain of the Sammlung Ludwig.

I’ve been often to Bamberg and love wandering around the centre and yes I’ve even bought the odd vintage watch there and interesting antiques too.  Every few years I travel to that part of Germany and as my Wife says, do the “bergs” – Bamberg, Wurzberg, Nuremsberg and Regensberg, and so glad I did.

And despite being in or out of the EU, we’ll still visit Europe and certainly the Bergs, again.

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