Independent Artists (3)

My third foray into the almost conceptual world of Independent Watchmakers, who produce some of the most fascinating timepieces not seen on any High Street.  So I like to share these masterpieces (that’s what they are) with everybody as often their web sites, unless you already know the name, are quite obscure and unseen.
I offer no critique (I’m not qualified to do so) apart from my admiration of these Masters of timepieces and simply present them for your interest and Link where possible directly to their web sites.  This is the Red Gold “Logical One” from Romain Gauthier of Switzerland.

"Logical One" from Romain Gauthier

“Logical One” from Romain Gauthier


This Limited Edition model features a 60 hour power reserve, push button winding and an innovative and quite unexpected chain and fusee style constant force system – and I can do no more than point you towards his web site HERE.

Independent Artists (2)

Every week or so I have a look to see what the Independent Watch Maker has on offer.  This is my second Independent Artist feature, which basically is just a taster without too much if any detail, but here is a LINK to their web site if further detail is required.  A little out of my league of course, but artistry doesn’t come cheap!

Watchmaker Christian Klings is from Dresden, Germany and one of his marvelous creations is the
Tourbillon N.7 –Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.26_00h36m59s_013_

A 18 k yellow gold case Diameter 42, Height 12mm – Free sprung bimetallic balance:4 gold screws for regulation, blued hairspring ,18 000p/h
Anti tarnish silver dial: Guilloche`texture own design, winding indicator,40h power reserve,moon phase, Geneva stripes (1500 grain) satin gold plated movement.

C Klings Tourbillon Nr.7

C Klings Tourbillon Nr.7

Further information can be found on his web site HERE.Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.26_00h36m12s_012_

The DesmodromicAshampoo_Snap_2014.01.25_21h52m07s_011_
Wristwatch with shock resistant single beat Chronometer escapement with pivoted detent.  Locking regulated through the escapement wheel, without spring returning the detent.

I quote from his website –

“His skill of making watches depends mostly on the touch of his hands, and not the machinery.  The detail of the mechanism is visible through the exhibition back, and sometimes on the dial side of the watch. Some of his designs and innovations, like Tourbillon Nr.7, or modified versions of pivoted detent escapements  in wristwatches (as above) which are resistant against shock, cover one of the most difficult aspects of watchmaking.  Some of his complicated timepieces may have more appeal to the scientist than the watch collector”.

Well I’m no scientist, just a humble watch collector myself but I simply love his work – period!

A masterpiece

This started off as a note in my “Latest” page this week, but I simply had move it to this post, so it could be shared by everyone.  IF you’ve not seen this and you love watches, timekeeping, mechanics and Art – AND a combination f all of those, then this is a treat. From master watchmaker Jaquet Droz comes something very special.

I know when I first saw this a year ago I was utterly blown away and as a collector of watches it was pretty obvious this was WAY out of my league – BUT hey!  you can dream!

I hope to add a few more animation videos when I find ones that interest me – I’ll probably make a new page entitled “The Art of Time” featuring hopefully something a bit special each time.