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A new addition to my collection is this very tidy two tone (pre-owned) Movado.  Maybe a ladies model or perhaps unisex, as it’s perfect for my relatively small wrist and as I like it so much – I’m afraid my wife will miss out on this one!  Not much data on this one but dated perhaps to around 2000 though quite possibly earlier and model name unknown, but is signed MOVADO logo on the face and a sub reference to the ESQ range on the back.  14kt Gold filled rotating bezel atop a stainless steel polished and slim case, this watch has real presence.

Movado 13 jewel quartz

It had a colored leather strap when I bought it, but I decided to fit in it’s place this nice Hadley 12kt gold filled expandable bracelet with contrasting black enamel panels which seemed to be crying out to meet up with this little gem of a watch.  And they do seem to get on very well together.

I’ve always admired Movado watches and this is my first one and OK it’s quartz and not mechanical, but I really don’t mind as it’s the style of this one that so attracted me to it.  Well defined blue steel hands against an unusual and delicate eggshell blue face with Roman numerals at 12. 3, 6 and 9, then gold applied chapter markers leading outwards to very neat minute index numerals  in 5 minute intervals plus single minute markers in black.  I like too the red 60, 15, 30 and 45 marks – beautifully set out dial with the MOVADO logo @ center 12 and a discrete “Swiss Made” at the foot.  A contrasting white colored seconds sub-dial @6 with a gold colored hand completes the dial detail.

Stylish Movado with Hadley bracelet

Topped off with a 14kt gold filled unidirectional milled bezel marked in 12 graduations and a @12 center datum gives the watch a nice solidity and contrasting two tone color scheme against the rest of the very finely made stainless steel casing.  The flat sapphire crystal is virtually reflection free, though I’m not aware of an anti-reflect coating.

That solid look makes it appear in the images like a much larger watch – in fact the dimensions are neat at 32mm diameter (ex crown) and a slim 7mm depth.

The movement is a high end Swiss quartz 13 jewel with a 1.55v lithium battery as the power source and good for 3 years at least.  Stainless steel back with the ESQ logo, Water Resistant and model/serial numbers completes the details of this watch.

Thought about another strap and have a high quality camel leather one in brown which seems to match nicely, but I have to confess I love the Hadley bracelet on it and whilst I’m not normally a fan of expandable ones, this one looks great and is really comfortable – so it might just stay as it is.

In fact I am absolutely delighted with this purchase and I’m sure it will be one of the “dress” watches in my collection that I’ll never tire of wearing – and that’s surely a very good recommendation for  any watch.

I will have to do a little bit of research on this watch however as i know very little about it.  What model is it?  What year of production and what price would it have retailed for?

As usual, anyone out there who has definite model information – I would be very grateful to hear from you. . . .

Update –The ESQ or Esquire range was launched as a subsidiary by Movado in 1995, but unable to find much reference to the early model names.

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  1. Hi,

    That’s a beautiful watch. Did you ever find out it’s model name/info? Do you know where I can find one like it? Also, what’s the price range you found it for?


    • Tried to find out from various sources including Movado – but without success. The nearest was a ladies range of the late 1990’s but inconclusive and certainly I was unable to find one with this wonderful dial set up.
      The ESQ series apparently came into being to provide a less expensive range that the Movado original, but the nearest to this one was a true Movado (not ESQ), but still not the same. Movado like many Swiss origin manufacturers have a less than sensible approach to serial numbers, so that also was no help.
      It really does keep exceptional time and is a very high quality quartz, so I’m delighted with it.
      This was bought from a pre-owned source so the retail price today quite unknown but if I were to hazard a guess it could be anywhere between £600 and £1300 – but who knows?
      It would also appear however that this quality of quartz may be gone as far as the new Movado Company is concerned – unless they contact me to contradict that.

      Sorry not to have been much help, but that’s that way it is with some of these older models. The moral, if there is one seems to be – that if you see a watch modern or vintage that is “the” one for you – then buy it – no hesitation – just buy it!
      Good luck.

      • Thanks for the info. It’s great you’re so happy with the watch.

        It seems strange to me that even Movado themselves couldn’t identify the watch. Could they at least certify that it was one of theirs?

        I think I’ve found something similar to it (and possibly a related model) and want to make sure I don’t pay too much for it. I think I will heed your advice just to buy it but I’m trying to get a sense of value (and since it’s discontinued that obviously ranges); that’s one of the reasons I asked if you had any idea of where I could find another one like it. Given your experience with it and research on it, what would you estimate is a fair market price for one in good condition, though not as excellent condition as yours seems to be (I understand this is obviously very subjective)?

        Thanks again.

      • Hi again,
        The response from Movado was similar to quite a few others these days. So many of these original manufacturers have changed hands/owners over recent years and new management knowledge of what was available in the past is almost non-existent. They could only suggest trying to find old catalogs of which they had only a few. So not much help.
        From a pre-owned point of view however and bearing in mind this is a quartz model, less than 20 years old, probably from a ladies range at the time (unisex nowadays, but reduces the value) – I would not pay more than £150 even in mint condition from any retailer/dealer source. From a direct watch auction I would not pay more than £100. The only justification for higher value would be if 18ct gold. (this one has bezel only in 9ct gold plate).
        I always remind myself of the price of quartz movements when buying any quartz watch (Ronda and Miyota from £5.00) so the valuation is more a matter of aesthetics and as you say very subjective. Sometimes however you spot a watch that speaks more than the time. . . .then the heart rules.

      • Dear Sir – My wife had this same watch (but with the original two-tone strap) stolen from her a couple months ago.

        It was a gift to me for my graduation 2 decades ago and I, in turn, gifted it to my wife when we found out we were pregnant with our son.

        Needless to say we were both very upset with it was stolen. I have been searching for it’s replacement all this time and yours is the only match I have found. I did find the same watch with a black face on eBay but it isn’t the same and doesn’t look nearly as smart.

        Our anniversary is coming up and it would be epic to present her with the same watch. Is there any chance you would consider selling?



      • Hi Lauder,
        Sorry to hear of your misfortune regarding the Movado watch and whilst sympathetic to your plight, I’m unfortunately unable to help in this instance.
        Having said that, I have over 100 watches in my various collections and I do from time to time sell off models that don’t get wrist time.
        However this particular model is a bit of a favorite and worn on a good few occasions with a selection of bracelets or strap depending on my mood and not one that I’ll sell any time soon.
        I realise this model is not easy to find today – and can only hope you find something suitable before the big day.

        Best regards,


      • I HAD THE exact watch with original 2 tone band, and went missing in my house. Bought in 1993 for US$ 800. Trying to find another one.

  2. I love the Movado. I had one just like it, but the face was gold. I purchased mine in the early 90’s and was absolutely devistated when it was taken when my home was robbed. I’m looking for it’s replacement, but I have had no luck. The original band was a gold and silver two tone (gold down the middle) though I purchased mine with a leather band on it and purchased the band it was to be sold with later on for $200ish (through Movado). I still have the band and with that I have hope of replacing it someday. I’ve had a Rolex Submariner and Omega Seamaster. The Movado is still my favorite and the best buy of any watch for the money.

  3. This is the same watch I had been given in 1989. The band was two tone silver/stainless with gold tone in the center. Mine also was stolen and I have been looking for many years. This is the first photo I have seen of one, so now I have something to show jewelry dealers/watch dealers when I am looking. If you are ever able to find the model name I would appreciate knowing what the model name is

    • It is still very confusing as to the origins of this watch model. Some information I recently found says that the Esquire range was introduced in 1995 by Movado as a subsidiary, though this may only refer to those watches with the ESQ on the dial. This model has Movado on the dial and only refers to ESQ on the back, so perhaps this one was pre-1995. However I have, so far, found no references or name to this particular model.

  4. I have this exact watch with the original 2 tone band. I also had difficulty finding any info on it. I bought it in 1993. It Was sold as a Men’s watch. I have thought about selling it in the past but have no idea of the current value…

    • Hi,
      It is indeed a great little watch and one that I’ll keep as it’s one of the better Movado Esq designs in my opinion. I believe it superior to any
      I’ve seen in todays current line up. The bracelet I have fitted compliments it so well that I would not change it. It’s well documented I’m no lover of
      so called “original” straps and bands unless they are obviously the best and most suitable fit. A feature that many watch model brands can often fail on.
      No idea what today’s value would be, but generally for quartz pre-owned models it is very likely to be disappointing and will fail to reflect the
      quality of this particular gem. In my opinion better to give it away to someone who will appreciate it as a gift than accept a derisory offer.
      But maybe that’s just me!
      Thanks for your comments.

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